Monday Night Meals

IMG_7954Every Monday night a group of students get together from both Bath Universities to share food and conversation.  We all have different backgrounds and stories and it’s been brilliant to get to know each other and to explore what we think is important about life and faith and our place in the world. This term we’ve been talking about Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 5 and we’ve also been challenged to try to live it out in different ways each week.  There is always room around the table for new people, so get in touch if you’d like to try it out.


Cake and Community

What a week!  Freshers has been a fantastic week of getting to know lots of new people and sharing mountains of cake donated by generous Methodists in Bath.  It’s also been the start of the new Chapel House Christian community where 8 students have committed to live for one year together, sharing meals, prayer and service.  With such a hope and joy-filled start to the year, it will be exciting to see what comes next!


If you are visiting one of the Bath universities on an Open Day and would like to chat to a student, a local or a chaplain, please get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.  You might also find this website, written by students and for students to be useful reading : Christian Student Guide.



I read recently that ‘one of the greatest things we must unlearn in the kingdom of God is the concept of mine’.  The concept of ‘mine’ is an easy trap to fall into when we forget that everything is from God.  In the words of a song, ‘life is a gift and the giver is good’.

At the end of the academic year it’s good to look back and recognise the ways that God has been with us, in the hard times and in the celebrations and to give thanks in particular for the beautiful people who have been our companions on this bit of the journey.  I know they have been evidence of God’s grace to me.


life in community

From the very beginning Christians shared their lives together as they worked out how to respond to God’s love in Jesus. Here in Bath, we are offering 8 students the opportunity to explore the adventure of living in Christian community for a year in Chapel House, in the centre of Bath in 2018/2019.  There is already a dedicated group praying and preparing to welcome the first community members.  Get in touch to find out more or to request an application.


fullsizeoutput_5c2aWe’re really looking forward to getting to know new students in Bath this year.  Get in touch if you’d like to:

  • join us for a weekly family meal and the chance to talk about deeper things
  • meet up with Karen, the chaplain for a cake and a coffee
  • learn more about chaplaincy events on your campus
  • find out about local churches or find someone to come along with you
  • hear about ‘Chapel House’, our exciting new project for 2018/2019

We’d love to say hello at the start of your new adventure in Bath.